Chardin is situated in the upper Kala district and Vakhtang Gorgasali and Sioni streets. This is one of the most popular, crowded and attractive place. Chardin street is a great way to wander around the local art galleries and souvenir shops.
The street was formed at the end of XIX century. it is named after a French explorer Jan Chardin, who visited Tbilisi in 1863. That time the street was called "Dark Row", because it was crowded with shops and workshops, even was called “the closed market”. Chardin street has been changed several times. Modern style building also appeared which separate Chardin and Bamba streets.
Chardin street at the beginning is the small square and park. Here stands a bronze statue, so-called “Tamada” (toast-maker). It was discovered in the excavations of ancient Vani BC. Sec. VII century and it is the copy of this statue. Chardin Street is near Sioni Cathedral and old caravanserais.