Motsameta church is a building of cross-domed type; all four sides of the cross are equal. The dome rests on four pillars, two of which form the altar. The church has two entrances from the west and south. On the south side of the church is a two-storied tower, on which an inscription states that it was built by order of Metropolitan David in 1845. Also in the monastery are ruins of two towers and the monaster is surrounded by a stone wall.
In the courtyard of the monastery priests have been buried. In the Motsameta Church, on the left side of the altar lie the holy relics of saints David and Constantine - martyrs in the name of the motherland and the Christian faith. Annually a national holiday is celebrated on the day of their remembrance, October 15, - Motsametoba.
On April 20, 1923, on orders of the Bolshevik government, worship was abolished. Relics of saints and most of the monastery property were transferred to the Kutaisi Museum. Motsameta again became operational in 1954. From the Kutaisi Museum the holy remains of David and Constantine were returned and buried in the yard of the monastery.