Ureki is one of the most popular coastal resorts in the seaside, located in the Ozurgeti area (Western Georgia), 50 kilometers from Batumi. The coast of Ureki is a strip of pine and eucalyptus forests, which in combination with the sea air fills the whole area with a very special intoxicating aroma. The rich gifts of nature - the sea, the sun, fine velvety sand, possessing magnetic properties - make the resort of Ureki a unique place for active recreation and treatment. In contrast to other Black Sea resorts here - sandy beaches. And not simple - fine-grained sand is enriched with magnetite, which is called "magnetic sands". People come here to improve their health - doctors say that the magnetic sands of Ureki help with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. Black magnetic sands on the beaches of Georgia are a rare and unique phenomenon.