Our company offers tours in Georgia. Discover different world: an ancient civilization at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, archeology, culture, cuisine, wine ... Tours in Georgia leave an unforgettable impression on any traveler: Georgia is a country where you always want to return.
We offer individual tours, drawing up according to your interest or budget. Write what you want, or fill out the form, and we will plan a tour for you. Choose what are you interestning for, plan your trip yourself, regions, types, things and resorts comfortable for your and  your friends or family rest, we can ofer what you will like! Enjoy your voyage in Georgia!

Visa information

Citizens of more than 90 countries and territories, listed at, can enter Georgia without a visa for stays of up to one year.
Citizens of EU countries may enter Georgia with a national identity card instead of a passport; other nationalities must carry their passport.
Non-visa-free nationalities must obtain a visa in advance. For 'short-term' visits (up to 30 days), this is easiest done through the e-Visa Portal   You receive the visa by email within five working days.
Short-term visas can also be – and longer-term visas must be – applied for at a Georgian consular office in your country of citizenship or residence. See more.
Entering Abkhazia or South Ossetia from Russia is considered a crime under Georgian law, punishable by a heavy fine or possible imprisonment. If you do this, don’t try to continue into undisputed Georgia from either of the breakaway enclaves.

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